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7406 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, MO, 64114
United States

(816) 361-2201


2019-2020 Rates


Pre–K Classes (born Summer 2014 – August 2015)

4 Days | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 9am - 2:30pm | $540/Month

3 Days | Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 9am - 2:30pm | $405/Month

Preschool 2 Classes (born September 2015 – August 2016)

3 Days | Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 9am - 2:30pm | $405/Month  

2 Days | Monday, Wednesday | 9am - 2:30pm | $270/Month

2 Days | Tuesday, Thursday | 9am - 2:30pm | $270/Month         

Preschool 1 Classes (born September 2016 – February 2017)

2 Half Days | Monday, Wednesday | 9am - 12pm | $135/Month

2 Half Days | Tuesday, Thursdays | 9am - 12pm | $135/Month

All children must be completely potty trained and be able to use the restroom with minimum assistance. We do not have changing tables in our classrooms, so we are not able to accommodate pull-ups or diapers.

Enrollment Fee
$125 (non-refundable), PLUS 1 month’s tuition (May 2020) are due at the time of enrollment. 

Before/After Care will begin the first week of Preschool. Before and After Care is a convenient "as needed" option that is billed by the 1/2 hour or hour based on the amount of time that your child needs care. Before Care hours are from 8am - 9am Monday - Thursday and is available for all children. After Care is available from 12pm - 2:30 pm and available only for children enrolled on our Preschool 1 classes.  Rates for Before and After Care are $8/hour or $4 for each 1/2 hour. If you use Before or After Care, you will receive a statement at the end of every month and can include this payment with your monthly tuition. 

Financial Policy
If cancellation becomes necessary before June 15, 1/2 of your tuition will be returned to you.  
After June 15, NO REFUNDS will be made. Once enrolled, a 30 day paid notice is required for dis-enrollment from the program. 

Late Tuition
If monthly tuition is 2 months delinquent, you must either pay or present a letter of intent to the preschool.  If neither is received, the child’s enrollment will be terminated.

The Ward Parkway Preschool has two lead teachers in each classroom, with a staff ratio as follows:
2 yrs 9 months – 3 yrs | 1 staff : 7 children
3 1/2 yrs – 4 yrs | 1 staff :  8 children
4 yrs – 5 yrs | 1 staff :  9 children

Ward Parkway Preschool is not equipped, nor the staff trained to accommodate special needs children. However, recognizing the American with Disabilities Act requirements and inclusion policies, all children will be accepted for a trial period.