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Winter NEWS!


WOW! What an amazing Christmas program we shared! We decided to change it up a bit, and what a wonderful time of celebration it was! Special thanks to Erin Davig (our P.E. and chapel teacher) as well as Amanda Bartel (our Orange Room and monthly classroom Bible teacher) for helping the children with their scripts, costumes, and practices....lots of practice. Overall, we thought it was a wonderful time, and we hope that your family was blessed by the message. 


With the start of the new year, we hit the ground running with preparations for the 2017-2018 school year. Seems strange I know, but enrollment is right around the corner!  We held open houses January 17th and 19th, and continue to tour perspective families at their convenience. We plan to offer the same classes next year as we do this year, and tuition will remain the same. If you know anyone looking for a preschool for their little one, please send them our way. We would love to welcome them to our Ward Parkway Preschool Family! 

Enrollment forms are up to date and on the website under the Enrollment 2017-2018 tab. Please print them off at your convenience and drop them off in the Preschool office during your designated enrollment period.

Church members can enroll January 29th - 30th

Currently enrolled students, siblings, and alumni can enroll February 6th and 7th. Please note that this also includes parents that attended Ward Parkway Preschool as a child. With Ward Parkway Preschool celebrating it's 50th year, we have several parents that attended WPP as children that are bringing their own children back to their alma mater. How amazing is that???  :) 

Public Enrollment begins on February 13th and 14th.  

Please read over the enrollment policies and stop by the office if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to our school. As we celebrate our 50th year at Ward Parkway Preschool, we realize that YOU and your children are what make our school what it is today...for this we are grateful.  


Summer Camp dates are on the website so that you can begin planning. Themes and enrollment forms will be updated soon. Enrollment will begin on March 20th, and will continue until classes are full. 


Parent/Teacher conferences will be held Wednesday, February 1 (Purple M/W) and Thursday, February 2nd (for all other classes). There will be no school on the day of your child's conference, and unfortunately, we are not able to provide child care. On Thursday, the P.E. room will be open if any parents would like share "child care" during conference times. We hope that you find these short meetings valuable as our staff  looks forward to sharing their observations with you. 

Monday, February 20th is President's Day and Ward Parkway Preschool WILL BE IN SESSION. Please mark your calendars and be sure and let your child's teachers know if your child(ren) will not be in attendance. 


Mark Those Clothes!!!!

As the weather gets cooler and your children start wearing jackets, hats, sweaters, and gloves, PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THE LABEL OR SOME PLACE WHERE IT CAN BE IDENTIFIED.  Many times we have two or three items that look exactly alike and there is no way of knowing who it belongs to.  If you lose something, you can check with your child’s teacher, or in the office.


We feel honored and blessed to have you and your family as a part of our 50th preschool this year.  Thank you for your loyalty.